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Adjustable Clamping Lever Kits Benefits

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Modular mounting systems are often used in medical, packaging, food processing, and many other applications to mount components such as sensors, display screens, and conveyor components. Adjustable clamping lever kits are a useful add-on that allow users to quickly adjust the positioning of components like rods or clamp mounts without tools.

The adjustable clamping lever kits are designed to replace standard cap screws in clamping connectors. They are comprised of a zinc handle and a 303 stainless steel stud and bushings. Once installed, users simply turn the lever to tighten and loosen the clamping force. Users can also lift the adjustable hand lever to turn it in either direction and release to anchor it in a new position without impacting seating torque. This allows levers to be set to a desired torque and position, making them ideal for quickly adjusting and repositioning connectors in a modular mounting system. Having the ability to do this makes them particularly useful during shift changes and inspection, where new users may need to adjust the system to meet their eye level.

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The standard “ALK” adjustable clamping lever kit mates to mini-clamp connectors. Mini-clamp connectors are used in modular mounting systems that will be fixed in one position for an extended period of time. This adjustable clamping lever kit features one 303 stainless steel distance bushing, a threaded stud, and a zinc handle.

Swivel clamp connectors use the “SWALK” adjustable clamping lever kits . Swivel clamp connectors feature rounded ends and are used in moving applications. The swivel clamp kit features three 303 stainless steel bushings: a spacer bushing, a knurled threaded bushing, and a centering bushing. The swivel clamp kits have more bushings to mate with the counterbores of the swivel clamp connectors.

Clamp kit selection is easy when designing a modular mounting system. The thread size of the clamp kit needs to match the standard cap screw and the sleeve and stud length of the clamp kit needs to be equal to the width/height of the connector.

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In addition to these two adjustable clamping lever kits, the “SWALKS” is designed to mate two swivel clamps directly together without a lever reducing the envelope needed and weight.

  • Clamping lever kits make it quick and simple to adjust and reposition connectors in a modular mounting system.
  • Lever design allows users to make fine seating torque and angular position adjustments.
  • Three styles offered to meet a wide variety of system requirements.
  • All adjustable lever clamping kits from Ruland are RoHS3 and REACH compliant.
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