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CNC Tool Shelves: CNC Collet Holders

Ruland CNC tool shelves fit into existing 13” machine tool rail mount systems and are designed to organize 5C, 30 taper and 40 taper collets or hand tools such as air guns, mallets, and brushes. Disorganization is a major source of wasted time and money on a shop floor. These CNC tool holders eliminate the need for machinists to leave collets and hand tools on workbenches, carts or other surfaces around their machine.

Made from 16 gage steel with custom sized plastic inserts for proper tool fit and protection from damage, shelves can be moved from one machine to another without disassembly and make great set-up trays. Each shelf is capable of holding up to 40 lbs and is durable enough to withstand harsh manufacturing environments that use water based coolant or oil. If the machine does not have existing rails they can be purchased from Ruland to create a custom mounting system that fits most CNC lathes and mills.


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  1. RAILS
    As low as $29.93 $46.04
    Rails, CNC Tool Shelf Rails, 48" Long, 160 Pound Max Load
  2.  CNC Tool Shelf
    As low as $74.85 $115.15
    WS-10, CNC Hand Tool Holder, Steel, 13" x 5 3/8", 40 Pound Max Load
  3. WS-15
    As low as $74.85 $115.15
    WS-15, 40 Taper Tool Shelf, Steel, 13" x 7", 40 Pound Max Load
  4. WS-20
    As low as $74.85 $115.15
    WS-20, 5C Collets & 30 Taper Tool Shelf, Steel, 13" x 5", 40 Pound Max Load
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