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Machine Tool

Machine tools such as CNC mills, lathes, bar feeders, and honing machines are used by most manufacturing companies to improve production processes and performance. Although there are many types, machine tools use a variety of machine components to function smoothly and safely.
Machine tools are capable of fast, accurate, and repeatable operations due to their high level of programmability and automation. Machine tool designers must balance these performance characteristics with the diversity of applications that a machine can encounter. For example, the same machine may be used by one company to make small medical devices that weigh a few grams while another company makes industrial fixtures that weigh a hundred pounds. The design of the standard machine needs to be able to accommodate both applications without any customization. Ruland shaft collars, couplings, and other machine components are designed for high performance and convenient machine tool operation


Rigid Couplings

Rigid couplings are manufactured with no flexible elements and offer the greatest torsional stiffness and torque capabilities of any Ruland coupling. This makes rigid couplings a good choice for machine tool applications that require high accuracy and repeatability and in which no shaft misalignment is present.
Ruland manufactures rigid couplings with precision honed bores to ensure collinearity for a precise fit and increased torque transmission ability. Collinear bores prevent the coupling from introducing misalignment into systems where it would not otherwise exist. The result is reduced wear on joined components and increased system efficiency. Proprietary Nypatch® anti-vibration is used on clamp type rigid coupling hardware to prevent screws from loosening operation, allow for multiple screw insertions, and prevent galling. Nypatch® saves a considerable amount of time in assembly as no additional screw treatments are needed prior to the coupling being used.
Ruland rigid couplings are manufactured in set screw and one – and two-piece clamping styles in bore sizes from 1/8” to 2” and 3mm to 50mm. They are made from 1215 lead-free steel with a black oxide finish for increased torque capacity, 303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and lightweight 2024 aluminum for low inertia. Ruland manufactures rigid couplings in our Marlborough, MA factory under strict controls using proprietary processes.

Rigid Couplings
Shaft Collars

Ruland offers an industry-leading selection of one- and two-piece clamp style shaft collars often used in machine tool applications. Ruland shaft collars have precisely controlled face to bore perpendicularity (TIR ≤ .002" / .05mm) which is critical for proper alignment when collars are used as load-bearing faces or mechanical stops. When used as mechanical stops shaft collars offer a safeguard from unintended movement that can ruin expensive components during operation. Ruland offers shaft collars in standard round, keyed, and threaded bore geometries. Round bore is most common and preferred due to the ease of installation. Keyed are used when the collar is being seated against a component on a keyed shaft or for positive drive applications where the collar is mounted to another component. Threaded offers the highest axial holding power as the female threads of the collar mate directly to the male threads of the shaft.
Ruland shaft collars fit shafts from 1/8” to 6” and 3mm to 150mm. They are made from select North American bar stock in 303 & 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance, 1215-lead free steel for high holding power, high-strength 2024 aluminum for low inertia, and engineered plastic for light duty applications requiring corrosion resistance. Ruland manufactures shaft collars in our Marlborough, MA factory under strict controls using proprietary processes to ensure superior fit, finish, and holding power.

Shaft Collars
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