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Nitrile Boot Covers for Universal Joints

Boot cover kits protect the universal joint from unwanted contaminants such as dust and can be packed with grease for lubrication retention. Boot kits come with a pair of zip ties that seat into grooves on each yoke of the universal joint to ensure a tight seal. Boots are made of Nitrile for durability and abrasion resistance, helping to protect the boot from being damaged and grease leaking out or contaminants entering the joint. Nitrile also has high resistance to petroleum-based oils and fuels, silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, water, and alcohol which are commonly present in operating environments where this universal joint is used.


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  1. UBOOT10/15-NI-KIT
    As low as $16.93 $22.57
    Ruland UBOOT10/15-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.620" (15.75mm) OD, Nitrile, Single Bellows
  2. UBOOT12/19-NI-KIT
    As low as $21.41 $28.55
    Ruland UBOOT12/19-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.745" (18.92mm) OD, Nitrile, Single Bellows
  3. UBOOT14/22-NI-KIT
    As low as $22.50 $30.00
    Ruland UBOOT14/22-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.870" (22.10mm) OD, Nitrile, Single Bellows
  4. UBOOT16/25-NI-KIT
    As low as $24.26 $32.34
    Ruland UBOOT16/25-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.995" (25.27mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  5. UBOOT18/29-NI-KIT
    As low as $24.65 $32.86
    Ruland UBOOT18/29-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 1.120" (28.45mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  6. UBOOT20/32-NI-KIT
    As low as $26.60 $35.46
    Ruland UBOOT20/32-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 1.245" (31.62mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  7. UBOOT24/38-NI-KIT
    As low as $28.63 $38.17
    Ruland UBOOT24/38-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 1.495" (37.97mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  8. UBOOT28/44-NI-KIT
    As low as $39.32 $52.42
    Ruland UBOOT28/44-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 1.745" (44.32mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  9. UBOOT32/51-NI-KIT
    As low as $39.32 $52.42
    Ruland UBOOT32/51-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 1.995" (50.67mm) OD, Nitrile, Triple Bellows
  10. UBOOT40/64-NI-KIT
    As low as $86.15 $114.87
    Ruland UBOOT40/64-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 2.495" (63.37mm) OD, Nitrile, Quintuple Bellows
  11. UBOOT48/76-NI-KIT
    As low as $92.36 $123.14
    Ruland UBOOT48/76-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 2.995" (76.07mm) OD, Nitrile, Quadruple Bellows
  12. UBOOT6/10-NI-KIT
    As low as $13.81 $18.41
    Ruland UBOOT6/10-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.370" (9.40mm) OD, Nitrile, Double Bellows
  13. UBOOT8/13-NI-KIT
    As low as $15.14 $20.18
    Ruland UBOOT8/13-NI-KIT, Universal Joint Boot for 0.495" (12.57mm) OD, Nitrile, Double Bellows
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