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Pre-Designed Modular Mounting Systems

Ruland has greatly simplified the process of selecting components to build sensor mounting systems. This section contains three styles of pre-designed sensor mounting systems for the most common applications. They give the user the ability to start with a base design and then customize to the needs of the specific application such as adding scales to tubes, selecting the length of tubes, and using accessories such additional adjustable clamping handles or portable magnetic bases. Predesigned systems save designers time by having all of the parts needed to build a complete system on one page, having CAD files for complete systems instead of the individual components, and providing an example of how the different components integrate together should a design dictate the need to build a custom system. All modular mounting system components are sourced from JW Winco and stocked in our Marlborough, Massachusetts location.


Sensor Mounting System
Sensor mounting systems are designed to mount round sensors with outer diameters up to 30mm.
Sensor Mounting System
Conveyor Mounting System

This section features a pre-designed system for mounting guide rails in conveyor applications. The system consists of a flanged bolt base that mounts to the side of the conveyor, a round tube of 100, 200, or 300mm long, a two-way connector, and an 85mm stainless steel rod with the conveyor clamp on the end. Users can add adjustable clamping handles to easily adjust the height and positioning of the conveyor clamp. All parts in the conveyor mounting system are manufactured by JW Winco and stocked in our Marlborough, MA location.

Conveyor Mounting System


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  1. 90 Degree Sensor Mounting System
    90 Degree Sensor Mount Kit, MT15-2W-90-KIT
    As low as $107.19 $142.90
    Ruland 90 Degree Two-Way Sensor Mount Kit
  2. Adjustable Sensor Mounting System
    Adjustable Sensor Mount Kit, MT15-2W-ADJ-KIT
    As low as $141.96 $189.25
    Ruland Adjustable Two-Way Sensor Mount Kit
  3. Conveyor Rail Mounting Kit, MT12-2W-CONV-KIT
    Conveyor Rail Mounting Kit, MT12-2W-CONV-KIT
    As low as $91.22 $121.62
    Ruland Coneyor Guide Rail Mount Kit
  4. Flanged Bolt Sensor Mounting System
    Flanged Bolt Sensor Mount Kit, MT15-2W-FB-KIT
    As low as $133.52 $178.00
    Ruland Flanged Bolt Two-Way Sensor Mount Kit
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