What are Oldham Couplings?

Release Date: September 7, 2010

Oldham couplings are used in machine applications where high parallel misalignment is present. Ruland manufactures a complete line of shaft collars and couplings.


The oldham coupling is a three-piece design comprised of two hubs with drive tenons press fit onto a center disc. During operation, the center disc slides on the tenons of the hubs to accommodate parallel misalignment with amounts up to 10% of the outside diameter. The hub of Ruland’s oldham couplings are anodized for improved lubricity and increased life. The discs are offered in white nylon or black acetal, each with different performance benefits. Oldham couplings are ideal for many motion control applications, as they have the advantage of electrical isolation, low inertia, good torsional rigidity, and a balanced design for higher RPM applications. If the plastic insert fails, it breaks cleanly and does not allow for any transmission of power, thus preventing damage to more expensive machinery components.

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