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Ruland FHT-MCL-10E-F, 5/8" Face Mount Shaft Collar with Tapped Hole, Black Oxide Steel, One-Piece Clamp Style, 34mm OD, 13mm Width

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Ruland FHT-MCL-10E-F is a one-piece shaft collar with a 0.6250" bore, 34mm OD, and 13mm width. FHT-MCL-10E-F has tapped holes for mounting shaft collars to sprockets, pulleys, metallic plates, or other components. Tapped holes allow for a secure connection between the shaft collar and mated component. The clamp style design does not mar the shaft, is easy to remove, and is indefinitely adjustable. Equipment manufacturers benefit from the tightly controlled face to bore perpendicularity (TIR of ≤ .05mm). Perpendicularity is critical for alignment when the shaft collar is used as a load bearing face, mechanical stop, or for mounting components such as gears or bearings. Proprietary processes have been developed by Ruland to maintain superior fit, finish, and holding power. FHT-MCL-10E-F is stamped with the Ruland name and bore size for ease of identification. Forged screws test beyond DIN 912 12.9 standards to ensure maximum holding power. FHT-MCL-10E-F is machined from solid bar stock to a fine burr free finish and sourced exclusively from North American mills. Ruland uses 1215 lead-free steel with a proprietary black oxide finish that produces a fine glossy finish while increasing holding power and resisting corrosion. It is RoHS3 and REACH compliant and manufactured in our Marlborough, MA factory under strict controls using proprietary processes.



Bore (B1) Larger inner diameter. Should match nominal shaft diameter.

0.6250 in

Bore Tolerance Variance in finished bore range before installation.

+0.0020 in / +0.0005 in

Outer Diameter (OD)

34 mm

Clearance Diameter (C) MAX Minimum diameter required to avoid interference with hardware.

39.3 mm

Width (W)

13 mm

Width Tolerance

+0.076 mm / -0.254 mm

Hole to Center (HC)

12.47 mm

Hole to Hole (HH)

24.94 mm

Threaded Mounting Hole


Recommended Shaft Tolerance Acceptable variance in nominal shaft diameter before performance loss.

+0.0000 in / -0.0005 in

Fastening Hardware

Forged Clamp Screw Inch or metric socket head cap screw size.


Screw Material

Alloy Steel

Hex Wrench Size Wrench size that fits the screw head to tighten or loosen the screw.

4.0 mm

Screw Finish Surface finish and treatments on supplied hardware.

Black Oxide

Seating Torque Torque required to install supplied hardware. Use torque wrench for accurate seating torque.

9.5 Nm

Screw Location (R)

12.50 mm

Number of Screws

1 ea

Recommended Installation Tools

Torque Wrench This torque wrench and bit combo is recommended to ensure proper installation. A torque wrench prevents the screw from being over torqued which can lead to product failure.


Recommended Hex Key This hex key set has the appropriate hex key for product installation. Trained and experienced assemblers can use a hex key in place of a torque wrench.

Metric Hex Keys

Additional Information

Material Specification

1215 Carbon Steel Bar

Temperature Minimum and maximum operating temperature. Operating temperature includes ambient temperature plus or minus factors such as system heat generated during operation, washdown, vacuum, etc...

-40°F to 350°F (-40°C to 176°C)

Finish Specification Surface finish specifications.

Hot Process Black Oxide, Impregnated with Naphthenic Oil, Centrifugally Dried


Ruland Manufacturing

Country of Origin




Tariff Code


UNSPC Code used to identify products to standardize nomenclature around the world.


Product Notes

Note 1

Performance ratings are for guidance only. The user must determine suitability for a particular application.

Prop 65 Required for the US State of California only.

WARNING This product can expose you to the chemical Ethylene Thiourea, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

ISO 9001:2015


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