Technical Info

Axial Load Test Data

This are charts that will provide you with information concerning slippage on shaft collars both in inches and metric measurements.

Conflict Minerals

Ruland Manufacturing Inc. has either obtained, or is in the process of obtaining, information from our current suppliers concerning the origin of the metals that are used in the manufacture of our products. Based upon information provided by our suppliers, we do not knowingly use metals derived from the "Conflict Region" in our products.

Fastening Hardware

Ruland's couplings and collars require set screw and caps to tightening appropriately. This will provide you with the correct screw size, the correct tool size and the right amount of torque for each screw.

What is Nypatch®?

Nypatch® is an anti-vibration coating applied to the threads of hardware used on clamp style rigid couplings and F-series beam couplings. It provides even seating of the screw, prevents galling, and allows for repeated screw installations to increase holding power and coupling performance.

REACH Compliance

This statement acknowledges that Ruland Manufacturing Company's products are compliant to the European Union Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals or REACH).

RoHS2 Compliance

Ruland Manufacturing has reviewed the EU Directive which concerns the use of certain dangerous materials in electrical and electronic devices. Specifically, guidelines 2011/65/EU.


Ruland expressly warrants that products sold here meet Ruland's size and materials specifications as set forth on its website at Products not meeting Ruland's size and material specifications or containing defective parts or labor will, at Ruland's option, be replaced, or the purchase price will be refunded, upon purchaser's written request made within 12 months following sale.

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