What is the Role of Shaft Couplings?

Release Date: October 27, 2016

In this installment of the Ruland Instructional Video Series we discuss the role of shaft couplings. Shaft couplings provide a mechanical connection from a power source to a driven system.


Hi, Bobby Watkins from Ruland Manufacturing and in this segment, we're gonna talk about the role of a shaft coupling. Shaft couplings provide a mechanical connection from a power source to driven system. Typically this is a step or servo motor driving a ball screw actuator or a ball screw system and the majority of application do have some misalignment and the type and mount of misalignment in the system is an important consideration when selecting the proper coupling. If you do have misalignment in your system, you do need to use a flexible coupling, you would not be able to use a rigid type coupling. You would have to use one of the flexible type to handle the misalignment requirement. There are other system design factors that need to be taken into consideration; temperature, might be running in a vacuum, the RPM range, and of course torque. And all of these together are important factors to know when you are choosing the best type of coupling for your application.

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