Disc couplings for highly accurate systems

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March 5, 2012


Double Disc Coupling

Marlborough, MA - Ruland offers both single and double disc style couplings for highly accurate systems found in industries such as test and measurement, medical, semiconductor, solar, and liquid handling. Disc couplings have low inertia and are torsionally stiff making them suitable for precise zero backlash systems with speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

Disc couplings are comprised of two black anodized aluminum hubs and multiple flat stainless steel disc springs. Single disc styles are ideal for systems where compact installation is required. Double disc styles add a center spacer to increase the misalignment capabilities. The center spacer is available in a choice of anodized aluminum or insulating acetal for electrical isolation. The thin disc springs allow for a substantial amount of misalignment between shafts, while remaining rigid under torque loads. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by the double disc style or by two single disc couplings used in tandem.

Ruland single and double disc couplings are available in both clamp style and set screw style with bore sizes ranging from 3mm to 30mm (1/8” to 1 ¼”).

Disc couplings are part of Ruland’s complete product line which also includes shaft collars, rigid couplings with precision honed bores and five types of zero backlash motion control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, curved jaw couplings and miniature disc couplings.

Ruland Manufacturing was established in 1937 and for the past 40 years has focused on designing and manufacturing high performing shaft collars and couplings. All metallic Ruland products are made in its Marlborough Massachusetts factory under strict controls using proprietary processes. The complete line of products includes shaft collars and rigid couplings, and a full line of zero backlash motion control couplings: beam, bellows, oldham, disc and curved jaw.

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