Managing Shaft Coupling Misalignment

Release Date: January 26, 2017

In this installment of the Ruland Instructional Video Series we will discuss managing misalignment of shaft couplings and their impact on system performance.


Hi, Bobby Watkins from Ruland Manufacturing. In this segment, we're are going to discuss managing misalignment. The selection of the correct coupling is critical when managing misalignment and your system, performance and your system life are dependent upon choosing the correct coupling. You need to address the application details, temperature, are we in a vacuum, the RPM, all of those variables needs to be address. Your misalignment type or types also must be taken into consideration. Please stay within the coupling's limitations. The installation instructions for all the different types of couplings are available at Please take a look, review the videos on installation so that you know your coupling is properly installed. Again, there's other installation criteria in these applications that need to be considered and again, your system life, your system performance depends upon choosing the proper coupling.

Helpful Resources for Coupling Selection and Alignment

What to look for in a Servo Coupling - This technical article gives the pros and cons of each flexible coupling type including misalignment capabilities.

Avoiding Coupling Failure - This technical article covers the primary reasons, such as misalignment, why servo couplings fail and how to fix them.

Coupling Comparison Guide -This is a chart that shows the comparison of Ruland servo coupling on critical performance characteristic.

Installation Videos - One of the primary causes of shaft misalignment is improper installation. These videos demonstrate installation of each servo coupling.

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