How to Install a Zero-Backlash Jaw Coupling

Release Date: October 3, 2013

A step by step procedure of how to install a zero-backlash jaw coupling. Watch the video and follow the instructions below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on proper collar installation. Email:


HI, I’m Mike Langley and welcome back to Ruland’s product installation series and today I’m going to show you how to install one of our zero-backlash couplings. For installation today, you’ll need a jaw coupling, which consist of two hubs and the spider. You’ll also need your torque wrench, some shims, misalignment measuring tools and of course your PPE. Now we will start the install procedure. First, assure the misalignment between the shafts is within the coupling’s rating. Complete misalignment information is available on IF your shafts are fixed, make sure the minimum distance between shafts is the hub length. For today’s demonstration, we are using a larger jaw coupling which will require us to assemble it off the shaft. To install the jaw coupling, we are going to need a feeler gauge which is set to the correct size, two hubs in a single spider and a compression device. Place the semi-assembled jaw coupling into the compression device and tighten until the nubs on the spider or touching the base of the hubs. Use the feeler gauge to maintain the gap between the hubs to prevent metal to metal contact. Before we install the coupling on the shaft, we’re going to make sure the gap has been maintained to ensure maximum performance when no gap is present, the coupling will no longer have misalignment capability and can cause excessive noise and wear. To ensure maximum clamping power, the shafts must be inserted past the set screw or the sawcut in clamp style hubs. Shaft penetration should not exceed the hub length. If at least one shaft is movable, shafts can be closer together. Fully tighten the screw on the hub to the recommended seating torque. Your coupling assembly is now complete. Thank you for viewing this video, for more installation video as well as technical information and CAD models, please visit

Installation Instructions

  1. Assure that the misalignment between shafts is within the coupling's ratings.
  2. Slide a hub onto each shaft to be joined with the drive tenons facing each other.
  3. Fully tighten the screw(s) on the first hub to the recommended seating torque.
  4. Insert a spider into the jaws of one hub until the raised points contact the base of the hub.
  5. Insert the jaws of the second hub into the spider openings until the raised points contact the base of the second hub. Some force will be required to insert the second hub. This is normal.
  6. Assure that a gap is maintained between the two hubs so there is no metal to metal contact. Fully tighten the screw(s) on the second hub to the recommended seating torque.
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