IP69K Rated Hygienic Clamping Assembly


IP69K rated hygienic clamping assemblies make equipment easier to clean and protect against harmful bacteria.

Have an application with a shaft collar that is difficult to clean? Ruland’s patent pending hygienic clamping assembly is IP69K rated and helps protect food processing, medical and other types of equipment from excess bacteria growth by shielding them from traditional shaft collar hot spots.


Hygienic clamping assemblies are available with bore sizes from ¼” to 1” and 6mm to 25mm.
Why Ruland Shaft Collars?

  • Protects against particles that promote bacteria growth
  • IP69K rated
  • Easy to clean - NSF/FDA compliant materials
  • Superior fit, finish, and holding power
  • RoHS3 and REACH compliant.
  • Carefully made in our Marlborough, Massachusetts factory and available for immediate delivery.

Hygienic clamping assemblies have been developed by Ruland to help protect food processing, medical and other types of equipment from bacteria buildup. Standard shaft collars have hot spots such as screw pockets, saw cuts, and surface imperfections where bacteria can grow and spread within the system. These hot spots are not always accessible and are very difficult to clean. Hygienic clamping assemblies provide a smooth uninterrupted surface that can be cleaned in place, making them a safer and more cost effective alternative to traditional shaft collars.

Hygienic clamping assemblies can be interchanged for traditional shaft collars that are being used as guides, spacers, clamping devices, and hard stops. They offer holding power similar to clamp style shaft collars and allow for simple positioning adjustments without marring the shaft. Ruland’s proprietary design is IP69K rated against the ingress of dust and water up to 80°C and 8 to 10 MPa of pressure.

Hygienic clamping assemblies are a patent pending design containing a type 303 stainless steel shaft collar, a two-piece housing made from FDA compliant materials, and three O-rings with NSF H1 registered lubricant. They are supplied with a zinc-plated forged alloy screw for maximum holding power and are available for shaft sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1” or 6mm to 25mm.

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