Improve Efficiency with Quick Clamping Shaft Collars

Ruland quick clamping shaft collars reduce setup time by 25-50% in process industries.

Shaft collars are one of the most useful components in the power transmission industry, they are utilized as mechanical stops and guides, to locate components, and as bearing faces. However, traditional clamp and set screw collars require time and proper tools for installation.


Quick clamping shaft collars are available with bore sizes from 0.375” to 1.500” and 8mm to 35mm.
Why Ruland Shaft Collars?

  • No tools required
  • Designed for easy repositioning
  • Quick clamp,Quick release
  • Light weight anodized aluminum

Quick clamping shaft collars are designed to deliver speed and flexibility while reducing down time. The low profile handle sits flush with the outside diameter allowing the shaft collar to be installed by hand without the need for tools. They are ideal for light duty or low-rpm applications that require frequent setup changes or adjustments.

Industries such as printing, packaging, labeling, food, and medical can benefit from quick clamping shaft collars where repositioning, process tuning and material changeovers can be effortlessly made, improving operator and machine efficiency. This type of collar can be used to position rolls of media, adjust guide rails, locate components, as well as for quick alterations.

The quick clamping shaft collar is made from domestically sourced 6061 aluminum for light weight and low inertia. A standard black anodized finish adds corrosion resistance while stainless steel hardware makes it suitable for wash-down applications and clean environments. Quick clamping shaft collars are available with bore dimensions from 3/8” to 1 ½” in the inch series and 8mm to 35mm in the metric series.

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