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New from Ruland: Clamp-style Universal Joints

Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc.
June 2023

Clamp-style Universal Joints

Clamp style universal joints are available
in single friction-bearing style with bore
sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/4" in steel for high
torque or stainless steel for improved
corrosion resistance.

Marlborough, MA - Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc., a global leader in clamp technology, announced the launch of clamp style universal joints, an innovative product offering designers a standard, off-the-shelf solution that eliminates common issues associated with set screw or pin options. 

The new clamp style universal joints promise easy installation, adjustability, and suitability for all shaft types. Universal joints are traditionally supplied with set screws to affix directly to the shaft or plain bores to be pinned into the shaft. These attachment methods cause marring on the shaft and burrs that can potentially transfer from the shaft into the system, which may be undesirable when the universal joint is used in food, medical, robotics, or other industrial systems.

Clamp style universal joints further the partnership between Ruland and Belden Universal, which supplies Ruland with the base universal joint. Ruland is known for having the highest-performing clamping technology in its shaft collars, rigid couplings, and motion control couplings. Belden is recognized as the performance leader in the universal joint market due to their manufacturing processes that include precision-machining, selective heat-treating, and utilizing ground components for tighter tolerances, better performance, and longer lifespan.

"We are a leading clamp technology manufacturer," said Bill Hewitson, president of Ruland. "This latest addition to our universal joint product line expands our reach in cutting-edge medical, semiconductor, and robotics industries. Our world-class design, manufacturing, and unmatched customer service commitment ensure customers get the highest-performing clamp style universal joints in 2 weeks or less."

The new clamp-style universal joints come with Ruland's unique Nypatch® anti-vibration hardware, preventing screws from loosening or backing out during operation. Nypatch® is a proprietary process that involves depositing a 360-degree coating of Nylon on several threads of the socket head-cap screws. The universal joints can be combined with a boot to protect the joint from contaminants in the operating environment. The boot can be packed with grease for infinite life, reducing maintenance on the universal joint and leading to more machine uptime.

Clamp style universal joints are available in single friction-bearing style with bore sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/4" in steel for high torque or stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. Ruland manufactures the clamp feature, bores, and keyways in our Marlborough, MA USA factory. Belden Universal manufactures the universal joint in their Hillside, IL USA factory. Clamp style universal joints are available via Ruland's website or through McMaster-Carr.


Article Summary

  • Clamp style universal joints now available.
  • Clamp style is an improvement over set screw or pinned types.
  • Ruland manufactures the clamps, bores, and keyways in-house.
  • Universal joint is precision machined by Belden Universal.
  • Inventoried in our Massachusetts USA factory for immediate delivery.

Product Link: Clamp Style Universal Joints


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