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Conveyor Rail Mounting Kit, MT12-2W-CONV-KIT


Ruland Coneyor Guide Rail Mount Kit


The conveyor mounting system is a pre-designed system for mounting guide rails in conveyor applications. The system consists of a flanged bolt base that mounts to the side of the conveyor, a round tube of 100, 200, or 300mm long, a two-way connector, and an 85mm stainless steel rod with the conveyor clamp on the end. Users can add adjustable clamping handles to easily adjust the height and positioning of the conveyor clamp. All of these parts combine to make a highly customizable system that is easy to assemble, install, move, and adjust. M5 mounting screws are not included. All parts in the conveyor mounting system are manufactured by JW Winco and stocked in our Marlborough, MA location.


This Kit Includes

Kit Item 1 Included

Flange Bolt, MT12

Kit Item 2 Included

90 Degree Connector MT12

Kit Item 3 Included

90 Degree Connector MT12

Kit Item 4 Included

Conveyor Guide Rail MT12

You Must Select

Kit Item Configurable 1

3. 100mm Tube, MT12-ROD-100-SS
3. 200mm Tube, MT12-ROD-200-SS
3. 300mm Tube, MT12-ROD-300-SS
3. 100mm Tube with Scale, MT12-SROD-100-SS
3. 200mm Tube with Scale, MT12-SROD-200-SS
3. 300mm Tube with Scale, MT12-SROD-300-SS

Your Extra Options Are

Kit Items Optional 1

Clamping Lever MT12

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JW Winco/ Otto Ganter



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Conveyor Rail Mounting Kit, MT12-2W-CONV-KIT
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