Application Spotlight

Encoder Systems

Ruland encoder couplings are an ideal fit for precision sensor and encoder applications, which require a coupling that is both flexible and accurate. P- and MW-Series encoder couplings are designed to be torsionally stiffer with less wind-up than commodity style single beam couplings for increased performance and accuracy.


Food Grade Shaft Collar

Food production and packaging lines require components that can withstand harsh cleaning agents, hot water, and high-pressure sprays to meet regulatory standards and reduce contamination. Ruland Manufacturing has developed a line of shaft collars for food processing equipment with varying levels of corrosion resistance and performance to meet industry requirements.


Inch to Metric Servo Coupling

Motion systems often utilize a servo or stepper motor with metric shafting driving a ball screw, lead screw, or encoder with inch shafting. Matching application parameters to a motion control coupling can be a challenging task which becomes more difficult when inch to metric bore combinations are required. Ruland now stocks a full range of motion control couplings with inch to metric bores including beam, bellows, curved jaw, disc, and oldham types. Motion control couplings from Ruland are zero-backlash for accuracy of motion and are manufactured in our Marlborough, MA factory.


Keyed Servo Coupling for Increased Torque

Choosing the correct servo coupling can be a difficult process that involves many performance factors including: shaft misalignment, RPM, space restrictions, torque, and others. Motion control couplings from Ruland are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials to match application requirements critical to system performance. For more information about the differences between each coupling see below.


Shaft Collars as Mechanical Stops

Shaft collars from Ruland are commonly used as mechanical stops on cylinders and actuators where precise control of motion is critical. They have tightly controlled face to bore perpendicularity for increased performance in impact applications. Fastening hardware tests above industry standards for maximum torque capabilities and holding power.


Couplings for Motors

Ruland is the only domestic manufacturer to make six styles of zero-backlash coupling including: rigid, beam, bellows, disc, jaw, and oldham. This allows designers working with motors or at a motor manufacturer to specify the right coupling based on the application requirements. Most often, Ruland couplings are used in systems driven by a stepper or servo motor.

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