Press Releases 2014

October 2014

Bellows and Disc Couplings with Keyways

Press Release

Bellows and Disc Couplings and Keyways

Ruland now offers bellows and disc couplings with keyways as standard stock items. Keyways increase torque capacity by creating a positive drive while ensuring precise hub positioning. Bellows and disc couplings from Ruland have a balanced design reducing vibration at high RPM and are ideal for highly accurate positioning systems in industries such as semiconductor, solar, printing, packaging, and medical.

August 2014

Beam Couplings for Medical Applications

Press Release

Beam Coupling for Medical Applications

Ruland beam couplings are zero backlash, have high torsional stiffness and accommodate misalignment making them well suited for encoder, tachometer, and light duty power transmission applications commonly found in medical equipment. They offer low inertia, light bearing loads, and a balanced design for reduced vibration at higher speeds.

June 2014

Rigid couplings for packaging applications

Press Release

Rigid Couplings for Packaging Applications

Ruland offers rigid couplings that are designed for the demanding needs of packaging applications. They have precision honed bores, anti-vibration hardware, and opposing hardware on two-piece styles to ensure superior fit, alignment, and holding power. Rigid couplings from Ruland are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit the needs of packaging applications such as case erectors, cartoners, baggers, web converters, and form, fill, seal equipment.

April 2014

New from Ruland: Thin line shaft collars

Press Release

New from Ruland: Thin Line Shaft Collars

Ruland has developed thin line shaft collars for use in applications with outer diameter, width or weight limitations. Thin line shaft collars function as clamps, positioners, guides, spacers, and stops in a smaller profile than traditional collars. Designed for applications with space and weight restrictions in industries such as packaging, printing, medical and food, they are particularly suitable for split hub componentry such as encoders. Two-piece styles have a balanced design for higher RPM applications.

February 2014

IP69K rated hygienic clamping assembly from Ruland

Press Release

IP69K rated Hygienic Clamping Assembly from Ruland

Ruland has developed an IP69K rated patent pending hygienic clamping assembly to help protect food processing, medical and other types of equipment from bacteria buildup. Traditional clamping components such as shaft collars have hot spots such as screw pockets, saw cuts, and surface imperfections where bacteria can grow and spread within the system. These hot spots are not always accessible and are very difficult to clean. Hygienic clamping assemblies provide a smooth uninterrupted surface that can be cleaned in place, making them a safer and more cost effective alternative to traditional shaft collars.

January 2014

Ruland Continues Support of <em>FIRST</em> Robotics with New Donation

Press Release

Ruland Continues Support of FIRST Robotics with New Donation

Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. is continuing its support of FIRST by donating a variety of shaft collars, rigid couplings, and motion control couplings to the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition. Ruland’s shaft collars and couplings are given to teams of high school students who have six weeks to design, program, and build a complex robot. The competition kicks off on Saturday January 4th, and culminates in St. Louis, MO with the FIRST Robotics Championship from April 24-26, 2014.

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