Press Releases 2012

November 2012

Servo couplings for a wide variety of applications

Press Release

Servo Coupling for a Wide Variety of Applications

Ruland manufactures a diverse line of servo couplings to provide solutions for applications such as stepper/servo systems, linear actuators, ball screws, lead screws, encoders, and valve actuation. Industries including medical, printing, packaging, machine tools, linear motion, semiconductor, and solar benefit from having a variety of couplings to choose from. Each application has performance requirements that must be met for the system to function properly. Understanding the different characteristics of each coupling is critical when making a selection.

August 2012

Clamp Style Shaft Collars

Press Release

Clamp Style Shaft Collars from Ruland

Shaft collars are one of the most versatile machine components with a variety of uses including positioning, guiding, stopping, clamping, and spacing. To overcome common problems with set screw shaft collars, Ruland offers one-piece, two-piece, and quick clamp style shaft collars.

June 2012

Zero Backlash Jaw Couplings for Machine Vision Systems

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Zero-Backlash Jaw Couplings for Machine Vision System

Ruland offers zero backlash jaw couplings for the demanding requirements of start and stop machine vision systems used in industries such as semiconductor, medical, solar, and packaging. The dampening characteristics of Ruland's jaw couplings reduce settling time and shock loads, making them ideal for these environments.

April 2012

Bellows couplings for solar manufacturing equipment

Press Release

Bellow Couplings for Solar Manufacturing Equipment

Bellows couplings from Ruland offer a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for renewable solar energy applications including test and measurement, wafer handling, panel processing, and vision systems for photovoltaic and concentrated photovoltaic cells, panel, and thin-film production equipment.

March 2012

Disc Couplings

Press Release

Disc Couplings for Highly Accurate Systems

Ruland offers both single and double disc style couplings for highly accurate systems found in industries such as test and measurement, medical, semiconductor, solar, and liquid handling. Disc couplings have low inertia and are torsionally stiff making them suitable for precise zero backlash systems with speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

January 2012

FIRST Robotics

Press Release

Ruland Gives Back

Ruland Manufacturing Co., Inc. is again proud to sponsor the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition by donating a variety of shaft collars and rigid couplings. The FIRST Robotics Competition gives high school students six weeks to design, program, and build a complex robot. The competition kicked off on Saturday January 8th, and culminates in St. Louis, MO with the FIRST Robotics Championship from April 25-28, 2012. Ruland believes strongly in education and is excited to help inspire a future generation of engineers.

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