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JD36/57-98R, Jaw Coupling Spider, 98 Shore A Red

Ruland JD36/57-98R, Jaw Coupling Spider, 98 Shore A Red
Product Number:   JD36/57-98R
Product Type:   Jaw Coupling Spider
Style:   Spider Insert
Material:   Polyurethane 98 Shore A RED
Manufacturer:   Ruland Manufacturing
UPC Number   634529068922
Country of Origin:   USA
Line Drawing of the JD36/57-98R, Jaw Coupling Spider, 98 Shore A Red

Outer Diameter OD:   2.250 in / 57.2 mm
Assembles with    
Hubs:   JC36, JS36, JCC36, JSC36, MJC57, MJS57, MJCC57, MJSC57
Coupling Insert:   JD36/57-92Y

Torque Specifications    
Nominal Torque:   410 in-lb, 46.5 Nm
Peak Torque:   820 in-lb, 92.9 Nm
Angular Misalignment:   0.8°
Parallel Misalignment:   0.004 in, 0.10 mm
Axial Motion:   0.05 in, 1.27 mm
Additional Information    
Torsional Stiffness:   0.003 Deg/in-lb, 0.026 Deg/Nm
Maximum Speed:   8,000 RPM
Weight:   0.062 lbs
Temperature Range:   -10°F to 180°F
-23°C to 82°C
Certifications/ Standards    
ISO 9001: 2008   Certified
Conflict Minerals   Compliant
RoHS2:   Compliant
REACH:   Compliant
Product Notes
Note 1: Performance ratings are for guidance only. The user must determine suitability for a particular application.
Note 2: Torque ratings for the couplings are based on the physical limitations/failure point of the spiders. Under normal/typical conditions the hubs are capable of holding up to the nominal torque of the spiders. In some cases, especially when the smallest standard bores are used or where shafts are undersized, slippage on the shaft is possible below the nominal torque of the spiders. Keyways are available to provide additional torque capacity in the shaft/hub connection when required. Please consult technical support for more assistance.
For warranty/disclaimer information visit www.ruland.com/warranty
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