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Oldham Couplings with nylon and acetal disksOldham couplings are a three piece design comprised of two aluminum hubs press fit onto a center disk. Torque transmission is accomplished by mating the slots on the center disk to the drive tenons on the hubs. During operation the center disk slides on the tenons of each hub (which are orientated 90° apart) to transmit torque. While the couplings accommodate a small amount of angular and axial misalignment, they are especially useful in applications with parallel misalignment.

Ruland offers oldham couplings in set screw or clamp styles with bores ranging from 1/8" (3mm) to 1-1/8" (30mm). Inch and metric hubs (set screw, clamp style, keyed, or keyless) are interchangeable and can be combined into a single coupling as long as they have the same outside diameter. Oldham coupling hubs are standard in black anodized aluminum for improved lubricity, increased life, and low inertia. Hubs are also available in stainless steel upon request for increased corrosion resistance.

The replaceable center disk is available in acetal for high torsional stiffness and zero backlash, or nylon for shock absorption and noise reduction. The slots of the disk mate onto the tenons of the hub with a slight press fit to allow the coupling to operate with zero backlash. In the event of disk wear or failure, the disk can be easily replaced and the oldham coupling's original performance restored. Disks with a center hole are available upon request to allow full shaft penetration.

Ideal for many light duty industrial and motion control applications, oldham couplings have the ability to protect more expensive machinery components. For example the oldham coupling acts as a torque limiter during overload. When the disk fails, it breaks cleanly and does not allow any transmission of power. Oldham couplings also have the advantage of electrical isolation due to the non-conductive nature of the center disk. This prevents electrical currents from being passed to delicate instruments which can cause inaccurate data readings or damage.

Learn more about how to choose an oldham coupling for your particular application from a Ruland expert. Read "What to Look for in a Servo Coupling" or "Tips to Simplify Servo Coupling Selection" written by William Hewitson, Vice President of Operations.

Why Ruland

  • Oldham Coupling with Nylon DiskProprietary hub machining process leaves a smoother surface for interaction between hub and disk resulting in significantly longer life.
  • Balanced design reduces vibration and allows for higher RPM.
  • Accommodates a high amount of parallel misalignment with very light bearing loads.
  • Three piece design allows for ease of customization, installation, and blind assembly.
  • Disks are available in nylon for dampening of impulse loads and noise reduction or acetal for high torque capacity and zero-backlash.
  • Stops transmission of power during overload conditions.
  • Manufactured and stocked at our Marlborough, Massachusetts factory. Special designs are available.


Clamp Style Oldham Coupling
Oldham Coupling Hubs
Inch/Metric Dimensions
Clamp Style
Set Screw Oldham Coupling
Oldham Coupling Hubs
Inch/Metric Dimensions
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Oldham Coupling Disk
Oldham Coupling Disk
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Nylon Material
Oldham Coupling Disk
Oldham Coupling Disk
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Acetal Material

Custom Designs

Custom Oldham CouplingAs a service to our customers, we offer our vast machining experience and talents to meet special needs with custom parts. Our shop is equipped with the machines and skilled people necessary to fill all of your special requirements. If you don't see what you are looking for in our standard line, please inquire about our custom fabrication service.

Examples of Past Specials:

  • Stainless steel oldham couplings
  • Two-piece oldham coupling hub
  • Center disks with special bores
  • Special bore sizes and geometry
  • Special lengths, widths and outside diameters
  • Special material and hardware requests
  • And Many Others... Please Contact Us for More Information

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