Shaft Collars
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Shaft Collars: A Million Different Uses


At Ruland we like to think there are a million different uses for shaft collars. This gallery is a showcase of shaft collar applications that Ruland employees have stumbled upon on their travels. Enjoy!

  • #4405 - Credit Card Reader#4405 - Credit Card Reader
    The shaft collar is welded to an arm that holds the credit card reader at a large grocery store chain.
  • #978 - Engraver#978 - Engraver
    Shaft collar being used to secure a pulley on a shaft. Bonus use! Double wide shaft collar masquerading as a compact rigid coupling.
  • #62 - Skateboard Deterrent#62 - Skateboard Deterrent
    Shaft collar used on a park bench to prevent skateboarders from grinding. Any real skateboarder looks at that as a challenge, not a deterrent!
  • #57890 - Pizza Pan Holder#57890 -Pizza Tray Stabilizer
    Shaft collars welded to a bar that holds your pizza pans in their warmer at the convenience store
  • #9999 - Sealing Equipment#9999 - Guard Rail Clamp
    Shaft collar use to hold a gate in place at Disney's Hollywood Studios on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Rock on!
  • #257398 - Sealing Equipment#257398 - Sealing Equipment
    Set screw shaft collars used to maintain position of the cutting arm on a piece of sealing equipment.
  • #214528 - Umbrella Clamp#214528 - Umbrella Clamp
    A two-piece shaft collar is used to secure an umbrella to an outdoor table. A stainless steel shaft collar should have been used to avoid corrosion.
  • #675924 - Skateboarding Deterrent#675924 - Skateboarding Deterrent
    A stainless steel shaft collar is used on an outdoor railing to prevent skateboarders from grinding. That is no fun, but a cool use!
  • #183114 - Rope Course#183114 - Rope Course
    A Ruland two-piece shaft collar is used to keep the safety harness on an overhead track at an amusement park attraction in China.
  • #150486 - Olympic Weight Bar#150486 - Olympic Weight Set
    A clamp style shaft collar is used to retain the weights on an Olympic bar. A stainless steel shaft collar has been selected for corrosion resistance.
  • #105354 - Delivery Room Hospital Bed#105354 - Delivery Room Hospital Bed
    Used to mount a railing to the frame on a delivery room hospital bed. A stainless steel shaft collar is used for corrosion resistance.
  • #124632 - Fire Sprinkler System#124632 - Fire Sprinkler System
    Set screw shaft collars are welded together using steel rods to provide support and equal spacing for a fire sprinkler system.
  • #22125 - Table Saw#22125 - Table Saw
    Used as a mechanical stop on a table saw. A set screw shaft collar is installed on a threaded shaft to limit the tables range of movement.
  • #47111 - Playground Slide#47111- Playground Slide
    Used to mount a playground slide onto its frame and prevent horizontal movement. A stainless steel shaft collar is used for corrosion resistance.
  • #84216 - Foosball Table#84216- Foosball Table
    Used as a mechanical stop on a foosball table. A set screw shaft collar is installed against a rubber bushing to limit the range of the goalie.
  • #56094 - Bagging Machine#56094- Bagging Machine
    To position a roll of bags on a packaging machine. A quick clamping shaft collars are used for easy adjustments without the use of tools.
  • #92558 - Aquarium Disply#92558- Aquarium Disply
    To keep a shaft in place on an aquarium display. A one-piece shaft collar is used for easy adjustments without marring the shaft.
  • #18493 - Theme Park Security Gate#18493 - Theme Park Security Gate
    Part of the hinge mechanism on a security gate at a major theme park. A two-piece shaft collar is used for easy installation and quick adjustments.
  • #39850 - Museum Display#39850 - Museum Display
    To position a sprocket on a shaft in a children's display at a museum. A set screw shaft collar is used to prevent the sprocket from slipping on the shaft.
  • #7255 - Food Processing Safety Gaurd#7255 - Food Processing Safety Gaurd
    To position multiple safety gaurds around a food processing machine. A pair of shaft collars were installed side by side making a groove to catch the run of vinyl cable.
  • #1,798 - Weight Bench#1,798 - Weight Bench
    To attach shafts on an adjustable weight bench. The weight bench pivots on the shafting which is held in place by set screw shaft collars for flat, incline and decline positions.
  • #309 - Grain Processing Machine#309 - Grain Processing Machine
    Welded to the tip of a handle to become a control lever on a grain processing machine. A keyed shaft collar was used in this application for increased torsional holding power.
  • #74 - Conveyor Line#74 - Conveyor Line
    To attach a roller chain sprocket onto a driven shaft of a conveyor line. Clamp style shaft collars are used in this application for high holding power and easy adjustment.
  • #3,842 - Commercial Bus Door#3,842 - Commercial Bus Door
    To give additional support to the swinging door arm on a commercial bus. A two-piece shaft collar was selected for quick adjustments during routine bus maintenance.
  • #862 - Beer Labels#862 - Beer Labels
    On a packaging machine to guide beer labels onto a bottle at a microbrewery. This is a great application to use quick clamping shaft collars for quick adjustments.
  • #5,367 - Clothing Rack#5,367 - Clothing Rack
    To attach a clothing rack onto the kiosk at a popular men's fashion store. Additional shaft collars were then used to prevent the hangers from falling off the rack.
  • #1,000,000 Different Uses#1,000,000 Different Uses
    We'll be adding new shaft collar applications every month. Check back often!
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